Selfie Sticks South Africa

Selfie Sticks South Africa – We are suppliers of the amazing new selfie stick! This is a trendy new tech gadget that is revolutionising the way we take photos.

Simply fix your phone onto this extendible monopod and snap away at different angles and cool new views. The selfie stick is ideal for taking group photos and are often seen at events, concerts and parties.

Features of our Selfie Stick:

  • Audio cable connection
  • NO batteries, NO Bluetooth
  • Extendible rod
  • Adjustable phone grip


selfie stick group photo

This selfie stick is a wired version that does not require Bluetooth or WiFi meaning you don’t need to waste time charging a remote battery or using Bluetooth which rapidly drains your phone battery.

Selfie Sticks South Africa

We are a bulk supplier of selfie sticks in South Africa. A branded selfie stick makes a fantastic and fresh new marketing gift!

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