If you are looking to give a handy and unique corporate gift, the key USB is just what you need.


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This fantastic USB flash drive is shaped like a key, and makes a great conversation piece amongst your clients. Your clients will love receiving this unique USB.

Key USB Features:

  • Available in various size capacities. 8GB is the standard.
  • The very unique design leaves a lasting impression with your clients
  • Fits onto a keyring with the rest of your keys
  • Includes a FREE plastic case.

Key USB Flash Drive South Africa

Branding this USB:

  • The key USB engraved in a beautiful white colour.
  • Can be engraved on both sides of the USB


A USB flash drive makes a very handy corporate gift, because it is something that can be used by anyone everyday. We can also pre-upload data, like a product presentation or important documents, for you on these usbs.

For a quote on your awesome Key USBs in South Africa, please email us at We would love to be of assistance.