Engraved Cross Pens – Brand Innovation is the premier supplier of Cross pens to the corporate market. We supply these high quality writing instruments branded with your company logo or engraved with a personalized name.

Cross Pens is a famous brand, known worldwide for producing top of the range writing instruments. The A.T. Cross company has been making pens for over 176 years. The most iconic Cross pen is the super slimline Cross Century Classic.

The Cross Century Classic is a lightweight and thin pen that is easy to handle. This pen has evolved over the years to become the face of Cross Pens. With it’s unique profile and a large variety of colours and finishes, this is one of our most popular corporate gift pens.

Engraved Cross Pensorder engraved cross pens

Cross pens can be branded in one of two ways; engraving or emblem branding.

Engraving is often the most popular option when branding pens, as it can be used to brand your company logo as well as a personalized name. We supply Cross pens and do the engraving for you. Below are a few of our most popular corporate gift Cross pens with engraving.

Cross Century Classic Classic Black Ballpoint Pen #2502 

engraved cross century classic


The Cross ATX Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen

engraved cross atx chrome


These beautiful engraved pens make the ultimate business gifts. If you are looking for a great end of year gift, a long service award or a thank you gift for employees; Cross pens are what you need.

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